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Olelow Came From Hawaii

Olelow came from the Hawaiian word Olelo which means "to estimate" then we added the letter 'w' from the word "Work". Hence, Olelow means "to estimate work".

Olelow Understands English

It uses natural language processing to read and breakdown even very large specifications written in English. It then counts the needed code blocks to implement each section of the specification to come up with an accurate estimate.

Olelow Doesn't Get Tired

Olelow doesn't mind if you make it read and analyze dozens of specifications in a day. It will give you consistent estimate every time.

Even with a work estimation excel template, it takes hours or days to come up with an estimate. You will need to read the specification and understand it. It's like doing simulation coding in your mind which is very tiring. Sooner or later you will miss some details when you get tired analyzing the specification. Hence, most likely you will underestimate.

Olelow Learns From Your Previous Projects

You can create or assign reference projects with your actual man-hours used to complete that project. Olelow will learn from them and will give you an estimate that closely matches your capability.


Olelow Can Break It Down

Olelow doesn't just give you the total man-hours for the entire project, it can break it down for you for each section of project specification. You can quickly assign each section to each developer and provide them with the budget man-hours for their tasks.

Olelow is Embeddable In Your Website

Olelow can act as your first line of sales representative that can take in client work estimation requests without human intervention.

This provides excellent service tool to potential new clients. You can fully customize the widget’s look and feel to match your company website. It automatically validates potential client's email and sends a copy of the work estimate to you.

You can see olelow embedded in our Stableapps website


Olelow is Created, Maintained and Used By Actual Programmers

We at StableApps, Inc so far have completed many projects successfully all within budget using Olelow. We have now completely put our trust on Olelow and we have stopped doing manual work estimation.

Olelow Can Quickly Export Your Specification and Work Estimate into PDF

It automatically adds a cover page showing company name and logo.

Olelow Can Keep Track of All Your Specifications and Matching Work Estimates

Never lose the latest copy of your specification and matching work estimate again

Olelow Can Help You Earn More

Olelow will help you earn more by providing you with accurate estimates to your clients. This means less chance of underestimating a project. This also means less chance of shouldering the additional cost needed to complete a project.

Olelow Can Help You Save Time

It takes hours or days to come up with an estimate doing it manually. With Olelow, it reads the specification for you and generate an estimate in seconds. You can do more of the things you love.

Olelow Can Tell You How Much and How long It Would Cost to Develop Your Killer App Ideas

It's like having your own Programmer Friend that you can trust with your closely guarded ideas. Let's take for example you're the first one to think of creating LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 5 founders. How long do you think it took to get LinkedIn from project concept to project launch? Olelow says 5 months and 2 weeks. See the video below how it's done:


Olelow Can Make You a Better Programmer

Are you always delayed with your task? Is it because of lack of skills? or Is it not having enough man-hours allocated? With Olelow, you can quickly get an insight on how many hours it would take to finish your task and then you can negotiate with your project manager to increase the allotted man-hours.

Olelow Can Make You a Better Project Manager

Does your technical team always under estimate the projects your managing? Does the blame always fall to you every time your development team is delayed on their tasks? With Olelow, you have a reliable partner that can give you detailed and accurate estimates on every project assigned to you.

Olelow Can Make You a Better Teacher

As a teacher, have you ever wondered whether you're giving enough time for students to finish the machine problems you give them? Olelow can give you a consistent basis on how much time you should give your students.

Olelow Can Help You Graduate

As a student, have you ever wondered how much time you should spend working on your thesis or project versus partying? Olelow can give a student an expert opinion on how much it would take to finish their thesis or project. This helps them plan how much hours they should dedicate every day or every week working on it. This will save a lot of students from cramming or worst failing on their thesis or project.
How Can Olelow Deliver Accurate Results?

Natural Language Processing

Standard Software Development Architecture

User's Actual Project Man-Hours

Years of Software Development Experience

Our own proprietary algorithm


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